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stupid-dragon : I just came across your blog and i really like it!! But i was wondering if you could explain to me your beliefs and ideology? Thank you!! :)

Thank you so much, and sure, when scientists try to describe energy, they say: it has always been, it is, and will always be, it is everywhere, it is omnipotent, omnipresent, it gives life, it cannot be destroyed, only transforms. When you ask a theologian or a philosopher  what is God, they say: God has always been, is, and always will be, it is everywhere, it cannot be destroyed, does not die. I believe whatever makes us alive, is energy, or a little piece of God, or a little piece of the universe within us, and as a spiritual being having a human experience, what sustains us is nature, we could not live without water, or plants, or oxygen, the Earth is my temple, I believe everything is connected even if we can’t see it, numbers, roots, and stars, and plants are one with us. We are not more beautiful or more important than a tree, and we are no less beautiful or less important than the stars. For we are made from the same source, everything that exists is divine and has a soul, even the rocks have energy, because they are vibrating, in a very low frequency, but they are vibrating, just as the sun, the stars and the moon. I tried to simplify my beliefs in this short lines, I hope this is enough explanation. 


Love & Light

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